Campaign Overview

Campaign Overview

A Message from Former President Mauri Ditzler

The Monmouth College Vision Statement challenges all of us to demonstrate to the world that the private, residential, liberal arts college continues to be America’s premier educational experience. With national and international challenges ever-visible and with the momentum our college has generated in recent decades, it is vitally important that we embrace this challenge.

Nearly 20 years ago, the Board of Trustees laid out a path for propelling Monmouth to a position of prominence among private liberal arts colleges. Building an exceptional residential campus was seen as a necessary first step toward achieving that goal.

After an investment of more than $80 million, which funded four new residence halls, the renovation of several landmark buildings, and the creation of top-notch athletic facilities, the College is now prepared to move confidently forward as an innovator in higher education.

Monmouth laid the foundation for academic excellence by developing a groundbreaking new curriculum. Built around the concept of integrated learning—or the sharing of ideas across multiple academic disciplines—the innovative academic plan was well received as it moved from the drawing board to the classroom.

The new curriculum prompted conversation about additional ways the College could benefit from the integrated learning model. Emerging from those discussions was the decision to build a Center for Science and Business. The largest construction project in Monmouth College history, this splendid facility houses not only the sciences, but also business and accounting. Its unique architecture facilitates collaboration among students and faculty from departments traditionally housed in separate buildings. Graduates from all the represented disciplines will be better equipped to solve the complex problems facing the global society of the 21st century.

A recently adopted strategic plan (which also includes a business plan and campus master plan) provides us with a progressive blueprint for enhancing the Monmouth educational experience in the coming years. The title of our strategic plan, Fulfilling the Promise, refers to a vision held by our Presbyterian founders, who believed that a liberal arts education, supported by traditional values, could elevate the hearts and minds of young people, and empower them to shape a better world.

We have selected four distinct guiding principles to help us fulfill our founders’ vision: Active Learning, Civic Engagement, Complex Problem Solving and Discerning a Purpose.

These guiding principles now constitute the core of an ambitious capital campaign, the foundation of which has been secured by the Center for Science and Business. Appropriately, we have titled the campaign Fulfilling the Promise. Please take a few minutes to review the many exciting campaign initiatives outlined in this brochure, all of which have as their ultimate goal to help our students become active learners and productive citizens. I hope you will give thoughtful consideration to helping us fulfill the promise by supporting one or more of these worthy projects.